NLG Condemns Oakland’s Attack on the Right to Assemble and Protest

Oakland, CA – Responding to a peaceful protest on the evening of May 21st, the Oakland Police Department immediately forced demonstrators off the street, aggressively encircling them and using amplified sound and other intimidation tactics to interfere with the march against police killings of Black women and trans persons. They appeared to be implementing a new City policy of banning nighttime protests.

Support From Outside the Walls #7

April 23, 2015

Thursday, April 23 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 pm 1201 Martin Luther King Jr. Way at 12th St., Oakland (Walkable from the 12th St BART, ADA accessible)

Training 7: Challenges to Getting Appropriate Medical or Mental Health Care On The Inside: Tools For More Effective Advocacy and Better Outcomes for Incarcerated People

Support Imprisoned Migrant Women and their Struggle for Freedom

Megan Rue
Law for the People Intern

The GEO Group recently opened the Mesa Verde Detention Facility, a 400-bed detention center located in Central California. The rural location of the Mesa Verde detention center will “make it virtually impossible for [lawyers] to represent the detained population,” according to Ilyce Shugall, an attorney with Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto. As the LA Times notes, the Mesa Verde detention center is located in a geographically isolated rural region where there aren’t immigration court judges, so people detained within will have their immigration court hearings via live video feeds.

NLG Joining the Fight Against Displacement and Police Violence

Rachel Lederman
Chapter President

The Mission neighborhood around the San Francisco Bay Area NLG office is an epicenter of gentrification. There’s the steady sound of construction of housing and entertainment for the 1%. A couple of blocks from our office, a classmate of my son’s is among dozens of families displaced by a recent huge fire that killed one person – fire escapes were locked and alarms not working. Next door to that still boarded up, blackened building, brand new luxury apartments gleam, unscathed. This was just one of a number of fires in our neighborhood over the past few years, prompting an investigation into whether landlords and speculators are using arson to get around San Francisco’s Rent Ordinance by clearing out low income tenants.


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