Hearing on U.S. Military Rules of Engagement in Iraq

April 28, 2008

There will be a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) hearing involving the release of the US military's Rules of Engagement in Iraq this coming Monday, April 28, at 2:00 pm at the Federal Courthouse in San Francisco before Judge Marilyn Hall Patel.

NLG members Colleen Flynn, Chris Ford, and Gordon Kaupp filed a motion asking the federal court to compel disclosure of documentation concerning the U.S. military's attack on the city of Fallujah and assault on a car carrying Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena. The disclosure requested is of military Rules of Engagement as well as other documentation.

The hope is that the release of this documentation will clear-up ambiguities generated by the widely differing accounts of the military Rules of Engagement, and will allow the public to better consider its military's legal justification for the destruction of Fallujah.