Congratulations to Our Newly-Elected NLGSF Executive Board

Elections for the Executive Board of the NLGSF were held October 1 in San Francisco. The newly elected board members will begin their terms January 1, 2009. Congratulations to the following:

President Teague Briscoe
Vice President David Waggoner
Treasurer Nancy Lowenthal
Secretary Matthew Rinaldi

... and at-large members Anne Befu, Stephen Bingham, Mike Flynn, Marc-Tizoc González, Terry Koch, Derek McDonald, Heather Mills, and Rai Sue Sussman.

They will join Law Student Co-Vice Presidents Aliya Karmali and Jessica Stender, along with at-large members Sharon Adams, Gordon Kaupp, Rachel Lederman, Matt Ross, P. Bobby Shukla, Christina Alicia Varner, and David Weintraub.