Auction Donation Form

Use this form to contribute to our auction schedule for December 5th! Alternatively, you can download the form by clicking here (pdf).

Please describe item in detail to encourage HIGH bids. You can also use the file upload function at the end of this form to send a longer description, images or logos.
Estimated or actual value of item or service.
If any – redeem by date, maximum number of guests for vacation homes, etc.
Did someone contact you about contributing to our auction?
What name/organization would you like acknowledged in the Auction Guide?
Choose one. If all information necessary is contained in this form, staff will create a certificate for the winner of your item.
Let us know when and how to pick up the item, if applicable. Or, let us know anything else.
You can upload an image file or document with more information here. However, if the images or items are available elsewhere on the web, you can also include that information in the Notes section above.