"Those Who Know Don't Tell" viewing

July 13, 2015

Summer Brown Bag Lunch Series #6

Those Who Know Don't Tell: Video was made by NLG member Abby Ginzberg - and is a GREAT movie about occupational safety and health. This lively, documentary traces the history of the struggle to rid the workplace of occupational hazards. Using archival footage, union songs and interviews, it tells its story both from the point of view of the labor activists and those within the medical profession who became their advocates. The fight for occupational health began almost one hundred years ago with Dr. Alice Hamilton's discovery of lead-caused industrial disease. She was followed by others such as Dr. Harriet Hardy of M.I.T., who discovered the dangers of beryllium. More recently, Dr. Irving Selikoff uncovered the danger of asbestos to workers and publicized his findings despite pressure from the asbestos industry to silence him. Through tragedies such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, unions and workers began effective organizing for occupational safety. This powerful discussion starter should be shown in courses dealing with labor, American history, community medicine and public health. (30 minutes)