Chapter Members Provide Legal Support in Ferguson

Ferguson, MO – What does it mean to be the legal arm of the movement? Ferguson may provide the answer. The community, outraged by the police murder of Michael Brown, took to the streets—and the National Lawyers Guild mobilized to provide legal support.

The situation on the ground is complex, and before traveling to Missouri, NLG members coordinated with local group Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) to ensure that the NLG presence would be helpful. Once there, Guild members worked closely with MORE, who had already organized a jail support hotline. Legal observers from around the country traveled to the scene to document the rampant police violence happening on the street. And local and visiting Guild members trained dozens of new legal observers.

Native Americans Ejected from SF Giants' "Native American Heritage Night" File Police Brutality Claims, Demand Giants Take Stand on Cultural Appropriation

April Negrette and Kimball Bighorse are filing tort claims today against the City and County of San Francisco. The claims are the first step in suing the City and County for police brutality that occurred when the Giants called in SFPD to eject Negrette and Bighorse from its June 23, 2014, “Native American Heritage Night” event and game. SFPD officers threw Ms. Negrette to the ground by her hair, violently twisted her arms and kept her in an excruciating pain compliance hold for an extended period of time. When Mr. Bighorse video-recorded this with his smart phone, SFPD officers also subjected him to excessive force and an invasive search, accused both of being drunk (neither had had any alcohol), and detained them until the end of the game.

Transgender Know Your Rights Resources Updated for 2014

Since 2007 the NLGSF has compiled the latest law and policies into Know Your Rights information for the transgender community. This August we have once again published resources on Criminal, Immigration, Housing & Employment law, both for download and to browse online. In addition, we've added a Know Your Rights manual for sex workers, with a focus on transgender sex workers. The manuals could be helpful for people throughout the country, but is intended primarily for those in California and especially in the Bay Area.

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