Legal Support for Demonstrations: What You Need to Know

Ever seen the number 415 285-1011 written on people’s arms? That’s us, the National Lawyers Guild and Fists Up Legal Collective! We’re here to provide legal support. We want to make sure that everyone knows what that means. Also, we want everyone to know that just like you, many of us have jobs, school, and other commitments, and while we’d love to be ready to support you at the drop of a hat, we can’t always do that!

If you've been arrested in a recent Black Lives Matter protest, you should let us know by calling the hotline number above or by using our online form. If you've experienced police misconduct at one of these actions, please go here and fill out a police misconduct report.

Also, please read this statement and share it with your fellow activists so that we can be there for as many people as possible.

Meet Chapter Boardmember Kelly Densmore

What’s your history – your family and your journey to where you are now?

I grew up in a small town called Woodacre in West Marin. Having been raised in a queer family, by lesbian moms and a multi-racial, primarily working-class queer community, my activist roots sprouted when I began organizing for queer family rights as a natural way to stand up for my family, my community and myself.

UN-Recommended Prosecution of Lawyers Who Cleared US Torture Program Good First Step

Sharon Adams
Past Chapter Vice President

Originally published at

The United Nations Committee Against Torture (UN-CAT) just completed its review of the United States and found much of concern. In its “Concluding Observations,” the panel called for the investigation and prosecution of “persons in positions of command and those who provided legal cover to torture.”

National Lawyers Guild Urges Alameda County District Attorney and BART to Immediately Drop the Charges Against the #BlackFriday14

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLGSF) condemns the offensive and abhorrent position taken by the Alameda County District Attorney (DA's)​ Office and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to prosecute fourteen Black community activists for interrupting the BART system at West Oakland BART station on Black Friday, November 28, 2014. The Black Friday action on BART protested the racist judicial system and state-endorsed violence that have allowed law enforcement agencies to commit killings and assaults with impunity in Black communities nationwide.

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