Join us for the NLG's annual ‪#‎Law4thePeople‬ Convention October 21-25 in Oakland, CA

Calling all activists, allies, and legal professionals! Join us for the NLG's annual ‪#‎Law4thePeople‬ Convention, October 21-25 in Oakland, CA for 5 days of panels, workshops, CLEs and camaraderie. This year, our Keynote Speaker will be Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and Special Projects Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Programming will address topics including housing and labor rights, racial justice, police accountability, international law, and much more. Registration and other details are coming soon. RSVP on facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest news!

Tom Steel’s Legacy: Advancing the Guild’s Advocacy and Moving Beyond Gay Marriage

Carlos Villarreal
Executive Director

Last week’s Supreme Court decision that same-sex couples have a constitutionally protected right to marriage is historic and the result of decades of struggle. However, it should not be seen as the culmination of the struggle, as there is so much more to win for genuine LGBTQ equality. Indeed, marriage is, historically, a conservative institution, and the majority opinion is riddled with praise for the institution and its importance in our intimate associations. It is of course important for many of us, but that doesn’t mean that those who choose to not marry, or those who are polyamorous, or those who never get married for any other reason, do not have relationships that are as important. In many states, despite this win at the Supreme Court, employees can be fired because they are gay or transgender, and may have no recourse. Despite this win at the High Court, trans women of color continue to be overincarcerated and, in a prison system that is already rampant with abuse and torture, transgender inmates often face even worse conditions than cisgender inmates.

Law Students Gather To Build Community, Prepare for the 2015 Law for the People Convention

Law students from five bay area law schools gathered at UC Hastings on Saturday, June 13, for a Student Retreat and New Board Orientation. The event was organized by the SF Bay Area NextGen Committee, and students representing the NLG chapters at UC Berkeley, Golden Gate, UC Hastings, USF, and Stanford were in attendance.

Meet Chapter Boardmember Adrienne Haddad

Where have you spent significant time in your life and did you have any major life changes along the way?

I grew up in a near west suburb of Chicago, called River Forest. River Forest abuts Oak Park, a much larger and more diverse suburb where I attended public high school. My parents were socially liberal and politically mainstream, college-educated professionals. I was unconscious of my status and privileges until I got to college. I remember having some friends from Northern Illinois University over to my parent’s home one summer, and how stunned they were about my neighborhood (“this is SUCH a nice neighborhood.”) That one experience marked the beginning of my becoming aware of my social and economic privileges. The beginning – it’s a process, and I have yet to achieve full awareness. I am committed to keep working toward it.

NLG Condemns Oakland’s Attack on the Right to Assemble and Protest

Oakland, CA – Responding to a peaceful protest on the evening of May 21st, the Oakland Police Department immediately forced demonstrators off the street, aggressively encircling them and using amplified sound and other intimidation tactics to interfere with the march against police killings of Black women and trans persons. They appeared to be implementing a new City policy of banning nighttime protests.

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