CBS SF Bay Area Coverage of National Lawyers Guild Press Conference


OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Protests over the presidential election are leading to more scrutiny of the Oakland Police Department and how it handles crowd control.

The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is calling out the department for what it says was brutal treatment.

The National Lawyers Guild said there was violence against not only protesters, but against their legal observers who were documenting the protest.

National Lawyers Guild Calls Out Oakland Police Department for Brutal Treatment of Protesters

NLGSF - IndyBay

Oakland, CA - Following the announcement of the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, thousands of people poured into the streets all over the Bay Area and specifically Oakland in protest. In response, the Oakland Police Department brutally attacked, threatened and harmed both protesters and National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers in an attempt to quell dissent.

KPFA National Lawyers Guild Press Conference on Police Brutality Podcast

Reuben Safire - KPFA

Representatives from the San Francisco Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild held a press conference today focused on allegations of police brutality witnessed at Anti-Trump protests last week. Legal observers say police tried to block them as they witnessed officers firing tear gas into crowds of protesters, and violently arresting people.

KPFA's Reuben Safire has the story...

Lawyers Guild Decries Oakland Police's 'Brutal' Tactics Against Trump Protesters

Darwin BondGraham - East Bay Express

Legal observers who shadowed anti-Trump protesters in the days after the election claim that the Oakland police used “brutal” methods to “suppress” political dissent.

“We saw the use of tear gas and concussion grenades being shot in a manner that was indiscriminate into crowds that contained children, handicapped people, and elders,” said Carey Lamprecht, the co-chair National Lawyers Guild Bay Area Chapter, at a press conference this morning in Oakland.

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