Native Americans Ejected from SF Giants' "Native American Heritage Night" File Police Brutality Claims, Demand Giants Take Stand on Cultural Appropriation

April Negrette and Kimball Bighorse are filing tort claims today against the City and County of San Francisco. The claims are the first step in suing the City and County for police brutality that occurred when the Giants called in SFPD to eject Negrette and Bighorse from its June 23, 2014, “Native American Heritage Night” event and game. SFPD officers threw Ms. Negrette to the ground by her hair, violently twisted her arms and kept her in an excruciating pain compliance hold for an extended period of time. When Mr. Bighorse video-recorded this with his smart phone, SFPD officers also subjected him to excessive force and an invasive search, accused both of being drunk (neither had had any alcohol), and detained them until the end of the game.

Guild Members: Vote, Run in Upcoming Chapter Elections

Annual chapter elections will begin at our membership meeting on October 23rd. Members in good standing should consider running for the chapters' Executive Board or submitting bylaw amendments. Four officer positions, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary will be up for election along with 8 at-large seats. Below is a basic timeline:

September 15, 2014
First Day to Declare Candidacy/Submit Candidate Statement
First Day to Submit Proposed Bylaw Changes

Transgender Know Your Rights Resources Updated for 2014

Since 2007 the NLGSF has compiled the latest law and policies into Know Your Rights information for the transgender community. This August we have once again published resources on Criminal, Immigration, Housing & Employment law, both for download and to browse online. In addition, we've added a Know Your Rights manual for sex workers, with a focus on transgender sex workers. The manuals could be helpful for people throughout the country, but is intended primarily for those in California and especially in the Bay Area.

Roche Reinstatement: OPD Impunity Continues

Seconds after an Oakland Police Officer shattered Scott Olsen’s skull with a lead-filled munition, Officer Robert Roche threw an explosive teargas grenade at persons who were attempting to come to Olsen’s aid as he lay critically injured on the ground in clear view of the police. Roche was fired, but on July 30, an arbitrator overturned the termination and reinstated him with full back pay.

Tell UC Berkeley Law: Don't Honor Torture

Sign Our Petition

We are a group of Berkeley Law alumni and current students, community members, lawyers and other legal workers who are writing to you to express complete outrage and disappointment in Berkeley Law’s decision to honor John Yoo with an endowed faculty chair.

John Yoo is most notorious for his legal memos used to justify torture of detainees and warrantless domestic spying during the George W. Bush administration.

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