Celebrating Movement Warriors A Conversation with Pam Tau Lee & Stephen Bingham Moderated by Steve Williams, former executive director of POWER and co-founder of LeftRoots

Celebrating Movement Warriors, Tuesday, August 16, 5:30 - 7PM, 220 Golden Gate ( sponsored by Hospitality House)

Pam Tau Lee, Movement Warrior, native San Franciscan is the Founder and Board chair of the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) in San Francisco, co-founder of the Just Transition Coalition, a union activist and elected leader, and the founder of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN). She is founding member of Caring Across Generations, a member of Asians 4 Black Lives, a dedicated global environmental justice activist, a member of LeftRoots, and a member of the It Takes Roots delegation who participated in the December 2015 UN Conference of the Parties global climate change talks in Paris, France. Last March 2015, Pam was inducted into the Hall of Resistance, Ancient Africa Enslavement - Civil War Museum in Selma, Alabama, created in tribute to those who work against oppression in all parts of the Diaspora. "

Meet Board Member Keyvan Eliasieh

What is your background? Where did you start life and how did you end up in the Bay Area?

I am a first generation Iranian-American, born in the east coast of the United States shortly after my family journeyed from Iran. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area of California for the greater part of my life. My family has faced a history of oppression as Baha’is in Iran which emboldens me to help support those that face such tragedies now. The Baha’i Faith is a peace embracing religion that emphasizes the spiritual unity of all mankind and recognizes all major religious leaders including Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, and Krishna to be divine messengers. It is the second most geographically widespread and only religion to have grown faster than the population of the world in all major areas over the last century."

NLGSF Stands With Black Lives Matter and Other Black Activists in Their Demand for Dignity, Justice and Respect

The National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NLGSF) stands with the thousands of activists across the country taking a stand for Black lives. For decades, we have defended the Black Panther Party and its members in the courts and on the streets, and we will continue to work in principled solidarity with our comrades in struggle and defend activists who take a stand for racial justice today.

Farewell! Though I’m Not Going Anywhere

A message from our executive director.

I’ve been the Executive Director of the Bay Area chapter since the fall of 2004. Now, I’m moving on to a job with the City of San Francisco and the chapter will soon begin the search for new staff. I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon the opportunity of working for the NLG. Imagine getting paid to work for the organization you’ve already been putting tons of energy into. Plus, I moved here from Texas (as a life-long resident) for the job, so it was not just an employment opportunity, but also a life-changing opportunity to live in the Bay Area.

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