Confronting a Mass Surveillance Hub in Oakland

Ienna Dela Torre, Law for the People Intern

On February 21st, 2014, the NLG SF Bay Area chapter co-hosted “Spied Upon: Surveillance & Resistance,” an event focusing on the growing problem of national surveillance. The panel, moderated by NLG member and Electronic Frontier Foundation activist Nadia Kayyali, featured filmmaker Jason Kirkpatrick, civil rights attorney and NLG member Zahra Billoo, and Black Panther and SF8 member Richard Brown. The discussion also included representatives from the Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee, the Bay Area Coalition to Stop Political Repression, Legal Workers of the NLG, and the Oakland Privacy Working Group.

PDRDs – Quick Fix for Police Misconduct, or Counter- Surveillance Tool?

by Rachel Lederman, Chapter President & Jacob Crawford, Legal Worker & Copwatcher

“S.F. officers scandal shows need for wearable video cameras,” proclaimed a March 1 Chronicle editorial on the recent indictments of SFPD officers for drug dealing, theft and corruption. After all, the indictments were based in significant part on hotel surveillance video, and bystander videos have played a huge role in bringing police violence to public attention. Wouldn’t police misconduct be deterred if all cops had to wear body cameras?

Honduras Delegation: Election Neither Free Nor Fair

Jessica Arena

Early in the morning of June 28, 2009, Honduras President Mel Zelaya was removed from his home and the presidency by the military in an illegal coup d’etat. People were furious and took to the streets. After months of protests, which were met by police brutality and repression, the new military government held a presidential election on November 29th. Hondurans across the country boycotted the election and voter turnout was below 20%. Regardless, the military regime declared their candidate, Pepe Lobo, the newly elected president.

Letter To Oakland City Council Regarding Proposed Domain Awareness Center

Based on an increasing number of reports regarding the disproportionate use of violence by police officers toward unarmed African-Americans and people of color, the National Lawyers Guild is deeply concerned that the presence of the Domain Awareness Center (“DAC”) will result in more violence and have a chilling impact on the participation of communities of color in civic engagement. We therefore respectfully request that the Oakland City Council vote against the award of the DAC Phase 2 contract to Schneider Electric at the March 4, 2014 council meeting.

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