It's a Trap!

Undercover Cops, Informants, and Cooperating Witnesses

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

A Know Your Rights Guide for Law Enforcement Encounters

Know Your Rights With the FBI

General pamphlets: (pdf)

Know Your Rights for the Transgender Community


Manuals for Download (pdf)

Know Your Rights for Sex Workers

Know Your Rights Wallet Card for Demonstrations

To learn about the rights you have while protesting download our
Demonstrations Know Your Rights Wallet Card

Spanish Language Demonstrations Know Your Rights Wallet Card

More Demonstrator Rights Info (at the NLG Los Angeles website)

Legal Support for Demonstrations

This document lays out the basics of what we do and what we expect from activists. It also includes helpful forms.

Working with the NLG to Plan Legal Support for Demonstrations

Hotline Numbers

9/11 Hotline

For individuals contacted by the FBI, or other federal agency, as part of a domestic security investigation. This includes members of the Muslim or Middle Eastern community who are being targeted by the Department of Homeland Security; activists who have been subpoenaed to a grand jury; or non-citizens who have questions about the impact political activity could have on their immigration status.

Demonstrations Defense Hotline

The number to call from jail if you have been arrested at a demonstration. We will take your information, help get you an attorney and out of the slammer ASAP. NOTE: This line is not normally staffed and is only active if activist organizers have worked with the Guild to set it up. If you are an organizer and would like to request legal support for your demonstration please fill out our request form.