Bay Area Military Law Panel Presents: From Chelsea Manning to Reality Leigh Winner Governmental Prosecution of Whistle Blowers

October 19, 2017

Reality Winner (yes, her parents named her Reality Leigh Winner at birth) is charged with violating the Espionage Act of 1917. 18 USC Sec. 793(e).

In 1990, presenter Jeff Paterson was a Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was the first US military serviceperson to publicly speak out against the US war on Iraq. Since 2006, Jeff Paterson has served as the project director of Courage to Resist, an organization dedicated to supporting GI resisters. Jeff was the campaign director of the successful effort to free whistle-blower Chelsea Manning.

Annual NLG Mentorship Cocktail Party

November 3, 2017


Students: Come meet attorneys and legal workers practicing in a variety of fields!

Lawyers and legal workers: Get to know the new generation of progressive law students and lawyers and visit with old friends!

Food and drink will be amply provided. You needn’t have a mentor or mentee to attend, but if you do, please personally invite them!

When: Friday, November 3rd at 6 PM

Where: 5582 Lawton Avenue in Oakland

Advanced Legal Observer Training

August 22, 2017

Tuesday August 22 at 7 p.m. at Berkeley Law, Rm 100, we will be hosting an Advanced Legal Observer training. This training is only for previously trained legal observers. If you have not been trained as a legal observer, please do not attend this training. We are scheduling LO trainings for new folks as we speak.

Advanced Legal Observer Training

August 20, 2017


Advanced Legal Observer training! Sunday August 20th 3:30 pm NLG Office 558 Capp Street S.F. We are strongly recommending that you attend this training if you are going to be out in the streets over the weekend of the 26th and 27th. Lets keep ourselves safe as we do this vital work!

Also if you have some experience as an LO and could volunteer as an on site coordinator that day that would be great. On site coordinators will help with Lo’s buddying up that day and trying to keep all parts of the action covered. Thank You!

Sunday Streets Tenderloin. Join the fun!

August 20, 2017

Come join the National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area Chapter at the 8/20 Sunday Streets event taking place in the Tenderloin! We will be tabling amongst the music, food, dance, and fun from 11:00-4:00 PM, exact location TBD. More information on Sunday Streets can be found here. Stop by and say hello as we give out information on the Guild including KYR trainings and law school chapters. Accessibility: sidewalk access.


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