NLG Plays Pivotal Role in Solitary Confinement Victory

Keyvan Eliasieh
Carlos Villarreal

After years of struggle, people in California prisons dealt a significant blow to the practice of solitary confinement. On September 1, parties reached a settlement in Ashker v. Governor of California, limiting if not eliminating the use of indeterminate long-term solitary confinement. Led by those inside California prisons, who often put their lives on the line, several Guild attorneys and legal workers played a role in this historic victory.

Berkeley Police Department Data Reveals Stark Racial Disparities

Newly released data on police stops confirms local activists' and communities' of color charges of racial profiling in Berkeley. Data on police stops in Berkeley from January 18, 2015 to August 12, 2015, collected by the Berkeley Police Department and disclosed in response to a Public Records Act (PRA) request, reveals a pattern of discriminatory conduct against African American and Latino civilians.

Law for the People 2015 Day 5

October 25, 2015

The final day of the NLG convention will include workshops on solitary confinement, gentrification, environmental justice, modern reparations, the law school tuition crisis, and much more. Sunday is also the day to go on walking tours: a black radical Oakland walking tour, and a black history and civil rights hike in San Francisco.

Law for the People 2015 Day 3

October 23, 2015

Day three of the convention will include workshops on immigrant rights, resisting police and state violence, Palestine and the ICC, political prisoners, neoliberalism, law collectives and much more. The Friday Luncheon will include performances by two local artists: Naima Shalhoub, a first-generation Lebanese American singer and advocate for women in prison and Lubna Morrar, a Palestinian poet and activist with the Arab Youth Organization and member of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center. That night is the student party at Vinyl Oakland.


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