Josh Wolf to Become Longest Jailed Journalist in United States History

SAN FRANCISCO – Unless released from 'coercive confinement' by Tuesday, February 6th, Josh Wolf will become the longest incarcerated journalist for contempt in United States History. Wolf was found in contempt of a federal grand jury on August 1st, 2006 for refusing to provide testimony and unpublished video footage of a 2005 political protest in San Francisco's Mission District. He was sent to federal prison in Dublin, California.

Judge Throws Out Charges in 20-Year Old Palestinian Deportation Case

LOS ANGELES - In a decision received today, Los Angeles Immigration Judge Bruce J. Einhorn ordered an end to deportation proceedings against Khader Hamide and Michel Shehadeh, members of the "Los Angeles Eight" (LA8). The two have faced deportation for their alleged political associations with a faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization for more than twenty years.

Jury Selection CLE

January 27, 2007

Jury Selection in Civil Cases CLE: Lecture, Demonstration & Workshop

presented by NLGSF & The National Jury Project/West
4 Hours of CLE Credit
Practicing Law Institute, 685 Market Street (between Third and Annie Streets), Monadnock Building, First Floor, San Francisco
Beverages, Coffee & Snacks Provided
$250 for non-members; $150 for members; limited free entry for member law students and member Sustainers

Program Schedule

Lunchtime MCLE on Substance Abuse

January 19, 2007

The NLGSF is cosponsoring this MCLE:

This presentation fulfills MCLE mandatory requirement for Detection/Prevention of Substance Abuse in time for the January 2007 deadline! The speaker will discuss the disease of addiction, and describe sources of assistance for lawyers and others in the legal profession who are suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems. The presentation will also explore one lawyer's personal journey through these issues.

Victory Requires an Immediate Pull-Out of US Troops

By Carlos Villarreal
Originally published on Counterpunch.

For the vast majority of Americans and Iraqis the only victory regarding the war in Iraq requires an immediate pullout of all foreign troops. While politicians and pundits have framed the debate over the war in terms of military victory versus cutting and running versus redeployment, we must make it clear to each other and the new Democratic leadership in Washington that Americans--soldier or civilian--and Iraqis are losing every second this disaster of a war continues, and the muddled debate over timetables is just delaying ending a policy that was a mistake from day one.


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