May Day Marches for Workers and Immigrant Rights

May 1, 2008

The NLG is looking for legal observers for the following May Day actions.

10:30 AM: March with the Longshore Workers
Longshore (ILWU) Hall, Mason and Beach St. (Take Muni F-Market.)
March down Embarcadero

12 noon: Rally at Justin Herman Plaza

12:30 PM: Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW) March/protest at military recruitment center & ICE. Depart from Justin Herman Plaza (Embarcadero BART)

2 PM: Amnesty rally at Dolores Park and then march to Civic Center

3 PM: March for Immigrant rights in Oakland.
Assemble at Fruitvale BART and march to city hall.

5 PM: Rally and music at SF Civic Center

6 PM: Rally and community celebration at Oakland City Hall.

Through a peaceful, organized march in San Francisco and in several other major U.S. cities we seek to resurrect the historical significance of May 1st in the international labor/worker struggle and to reignite the labor movement by integrating the current undocumented worker struggle of obtaining amnesty. We believe this struggle is about worker rights, and should be incorporated into other social justice issues if we are to strive for a fairer and much more peaceful world.

Under the broad theme of "Workers Uniting without Borders –Amnesty for All" we invite all individuals and organizations interested in fighting for social justice and upholding the rights of all workers to join us to collectively demand for:

• Stop the War at Home and Abroad
• Stop the Persecution and Repression of Immigrants
• Stop the Violation of Labor, Human and Civil Rights of All Workers
• Stop the Gentrification of our San Francisco Neighborhoods
• Unconditional Amnesty-Papers for All