Judge Denies Release for Jailed Journalist

Attorneys for Josh Wolf Petitioned District Court for Full Release or Thanksgiving Furlough

San Francisco, CA – Attorneys for jailed journalist, Josh Wolf appeared Tuesday before Federal District Court Judge Alsup arguing for his release from Federal Prison, where he has been held now for over 90 days. Wolf, 24, honored as Journalist of the Year by the Society of Professional Journalists, was incarcerated earlier this year for contempt after refusing to hand over his unedited video of a 2005 G-8 protest in San Francisco. His incarceration is virtually unprecedented for a journalist refusing to hand over information to a Grand Jury.

"Jailing a journalist in order to force him to give information about an anti-Bush anti-G8 demonstration is an affront to the very principles of freedom of press this country was founded upon" said Martin Garbus, attorney for Wolf.

Attorneys had argued for his immediate release or at minimum, a furlough for the Thanksgiving holidays. Wolf has never been charged with any crime and is widely believed to become the longest held journalist in U.S. history.

"The U.S. Attorney and the federal government can not engage in this kind of abuse of grand jury power, using it to harass, repress and, yes, punish activists and journalists," said Carlos Villarreal, Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area. "One wonders if Wolf would be in prison today if he covered anti-choice or anti-gay marriage rallies instead of anti-war or anarchist demonstrations."

More information can be found at joshwolf.net. A copy of the motion can be found here.