Gang Injunction Working Group Meeting

October 11, 2007

**The first meeting of the Gang Injunction Working Group will be held on October 11 from 5:30-7 pm at the NLG Office.

We are convening this meeting as a response to the action of the San Francisco city attorney who is asking for two new gang injunctions, one in the Mission and the other in the Western Addition, to add to an already existing injunction in Bayview Hunters-Point. All of these injunctions impose heavy restrictions on the civil rights of people of color - including limiting the color of clothes people can wear, where people can congregate, with whom, and even prohibiting hand signals. Because the city attorney has filed in civil court, the individuals named are not entitled to free representation. However, if any of them violate the injunction, once in place, they can be subject to criminal penalties.

Although sold as a tool to keep communities safe, studies show they don't result in a decrease in violence over the long term, and may result in an increase in violence against community-members by law enforcement. They also tend to be used in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods.

A number of community organizations have been opposing these injunctions and a handful of attorneys have been working to fight them in the courts, including NLG attorneys. NLG lawyers, law students and legal workers are invited to discuss how we can help oppose the injunctions as individuals and as an organization.