Committee Against Torture

Legal advocates, military leaders and politicians have increasingly advocated for torture as a legitimate interrogation technique - particularly within the George W. Bush administration and particularly since the attacks of September 11, 2001. The NLGSF Committee Against Torture exists to counter this advocacy and advance ideas which had been almost universally accepted until recent years: torture of prisoners is a criminal act that is never justified; and all people deserve due process.

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NLGSF Petition to California Supreme Court For Review of State Bar Decision Not to Investigate Member William J. Haynes II

NLGSF Request for Review to the State Bar Audit and Review Unit
Attachment: Senate Armed Services Expanded Report
Attachment: Padilla v. Yoo Order Denying in Part and Granting in Part Defendant's Motion to Dismiss

NLGSF State Bar Complaint Against William Haynes
Attachment A: Haynes Memo to Rumsfeld
Attachment B: Senate Armed Services Report
Attachment C: Letter From Retired Military Leaders

NLG White Paper on The Law of Torture and Holding Accountable Those Who Are Complicit In Approving Torture of Persons in U.S. Custody

Letter to UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau urging him to investigate whether Yoo's conduct violated the Faculty Code of Conduct

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau's Response to NLGSF Letter (pdf file)

Torture Timeline (pdf file)

Motion for Recusal or Disqualification of Jay S. Bybee in Police Abuse Case (pdf file)

Follow up Motion for Independent Consideration of Bybee Disqualification (pdf file)