Attention Bay Area Activists and Organizers: The New NLG Hotline System, 415-909-4NLG and 415-285-1011

The New NLG Hotline System

The San Francisco Bay Area NLG Demonstrations committee has a new phone system! After our hotline came under attack by members of the alt-right and fascist movement last fall, we needed to upgrade our security to our phone lines. In September we limited the capacity of our legal support line - 415-285-1011 - to only take calls from local jails. Other incoming calls will not connect but sound like the caller gets a busy signal. That will remain the same.

But now we have a second line for outside-of-jail calls. That number is 415-909-4NLG. This number has been set up to be more capable of withstanding cyber attacks or a targeted call campaign to block our ability to take calls from the community if that should occur.If this line was compromised for whatever reason or if we don't have the hotline staffed when a supporter calls, the demonstrations committee of the NLG can be reached by emailing

Call 415-285-1011 if you are arrested at a demonstration or action that the NLG is supporting*. As before, please write this number in permanent ink on your body whenever you attend a political action where you could be arrested. This number can ONLY be called from inside of a Bay Area jail. All other numbers have been blocked to ensure that arrestees can reach us in case anyone attempts to flood our lines.

Call 415-909-4NLG if you are NOT in jail, but want to get in touch with the hotline. Please program this number in your phone contacts.Circumstances where you might call 415-909-4NLG: • Your friend or loved one is in jail and you want to find more information on their status. • You are at an action or demonstration and witnessing an arrest. Please try to get the arrestee's legal name and birthdate. • You were arrested, but are out of custody. We ask all arrestees to check back in with us after they are let out so we know your most up-to-date information on your well-being, charges, and next court date so we can attempt to coordinate further support. We also will need the best way to contact you.

Email us at if you cannot reach us over the phone. We run the hotline on volunteer labor so sometimes we will not have someone answering the phone. Also, the email serves as a fail-safe if for any reason our new phone line is incapacitated. Please note that the email will only be secure and encypted end-to-endif you write us from another protonmail email account.

We appreciate all of your patience in adjusting to this new system with two phone lines. Please help us spread the word by sharing this message and filling in your friends and comrades on the changes. It's great to bring a marker to demonstrations and help publicize the numbers to other protestors that don't know about the NLG and our hotline.

And as always we appreciate any financial support from the activist communicates we serve. To make a contribution to the SF Bay Area NLG donate here.

*Generally the Demonstrations Committee of the NLG supports actions and demonstrations where the organizer(s) have filled out our support request form or there is a large-scale spontaneous protest or uprising in response to an injustice. For more information see LINK 2018 WORKING WITH THE NLG HANDOUT