"Song of the Canary" viewing

June 8, 2015

Brown Bag Labor Lunch Series #1

Song of the Canary: Years ago, coal miners took caged canaries down into the mines. By collapsing and dying, the tiny birds warned of the presence of deadly gases. Today in many workplaces, the workers themselves have become the canaries - for other workers and for society as a whole. Song of the Canary is a documentary which examines the problem of industrial diseases and occupational health hazards. Film makers Josh Hanig and Dave Davis focus on workers in a California chemical plant who became sterile from handling the pesticide DBCP, and they follow retired cotton mill workers w/ brown lung disease in their battle w/ business and government for safer working conditions. (58 minutes – we will view just part 1 (about 30 minutes))

At Kazan McClain Satterley & Greenwood, 55 Harrison Street #400, Oakland