NLGSF Statement on Port Actions

The National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NLGSF) supports today's port actions in Oakland and in multiple other cities.

Our members are in the street today along with teachers, longshoremen, nurses, students, the unemployed, artists, doctors, cooks, programmers and others. We have legal observers out to monitor law enforcement, as we almost always do at large demonstrations, but we also have members out as activists, with their neighbors and friends.

Since 1937, the NLGSF has recognized the importance of supporting working people struggling for justice and equality. As an organization that, from the beginning, recognized that human rights should be regarded as more sacred than property interests, the NLGSF has traditionally sought to empower especially those movements willing to challenge systems and institutions which create inequality of wealth and power.

Our organization has a long history working with and among labor. We recognize that the Port of Oakland relies tremendously on the exploitation of labor and provides enormous benefit to corporate interests and the top 1%. The NLGSF is in solidarity with the port workers of the ILWU and other affiliated workers, such as the the truckers who enter and exit the port each day collecting little more than minimum wage.

The NLGSF has also filed suit against Oakland and the Oakland Police Department for their violations of law and their own crowd control policy. We are closely monitoring the actions of law enforcement and collecting evidence in anticipation of potential litigation. We hope law enforcement will respect the civil liberties of everyone taking part in today's political action.