Principles of Engagement: … a set of rules outlining the social norms and responsibilities of, or mindful practices for, an individual, party or organization.

Reasoning: Because we are an organization committed to creating just and equitable societies and because we are engaged in the work of ensuring no harm is done to any people - particularly - oppressed people; our treatment of each other, our staff and our constituents must be a reflection of the world we are trying to build.

We commit at all times to challenge systems of oppression, and in so doing, be mindful of race, class and gender privilege when communicating with each other and our constituents Our engagements with all oppressed people will be rooted in - and respectful of - their lived experience and awareness of the dynamics between members of the oppressed and oppressor classes

We commit at all times to communicating and engaging each other with respectful language, tone and tenor We will be mindful of the language we use whether that be in e-mail, social media, or face-to-face conversation. Read your written communications twice to check for tone and tenor. Please and thank you is always nice. Communicate in person when possible.

We commit to calling each other in - not out - when we are not being our best selves When issues arise amongst each other, we will respectfully discuss the issue with the involved party, assuming the best of intentions. We will not use social media, gossip, or public shaming to address our conflicts.

We commit to principled struggle - where disagreement is handled with honest, timely, direct and clear communication Our preference, when possible, is in-person communication, as quickly as possible, so that issues are resolved and tensions don’t fester.

We commit to combatting liberalism at all times in ourselves and with each other We will call out unprincipled behavior at all times regardless of fears about confrontation or conflict

We commit to never engaging in behaviors that make it easier for State and government agencies to target, incarcerate or harm each other or our constituents and therefore we commit to being mindful of security issues and protocols

We commit to being held accountable to engaging with each other according to the principles listed above