The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild firmly stands against the fascism of President-Elect Trump. His calls to jail protesters, deport immigrants, attack Black people, ban Muslims and his boasting of sexual assaults on women reflect all the hallmarks of fascism -- autocracy that destroys its opposition, controls marginalized communities through violence, and organizes power and wealth for the elite. Since he was elected Tuesday night, countless immigrants and Muslims have been attacked by vigilantes across the country. We hold the Trump campaign responsible for this surge in violence. As soon as we learned the results of the election, our members joined thousands of others in the streets in an expression of grief, rage, and resistance. Now more than ever, we will not rest. We remain steadfast in our fight against white supremacy, misogyny, capitalism, and state repression.

Our movement and the NLG are no strangers to adversity. Along with many others, Guild members survived McCarthyism, COINTELPRO repression, and the War on Terror. Despite these dark moments in our history, we continue to be the leading legal organization providing legal defense for protesters and organizers, both in the courtroom and on the streets.

The strength of our movement is its diversity. The NLG was the first racially integrated bar association, as well as the first to admit women. We are proud to include lawyers, legal workers, law students, and jailhouse lawyers of every race, creed, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We are committed to standing in the breach and putting our bodies on the line to defend our people, especially our undocumented, Muslim and women comrades who face uncertain days ahead.

But more than just defending against attacks, we are unwavering in our resolve to help build and support movements for change. Meaningful social transformation will not come from the courtrooms. It will emerge out of people’s movements in the streets. And every time people fight for that transformation, for an end to U.S. fascism here and abroad, we will be there to support and defend them.