Attention Bay Area Activists and Organizers: Changes to NLGSF hotline Underway!

For 25 years the NLGSF Demonstrations Committee has run a hotline to support actions & protests across the Bay Area. That number, (415) 285-1011, has been the lifeline for countless jailed comrades & their loved ones to get connected to our legal support systems. We give information on how the jailing & court processes work, dispatch volunteer lawyers to visit arrestees in jail & make appearances at arraignments, & link up with the Bay Area Anti Repression Committee for court & bonding support. On August 26-27, 2017 during fascist demonstrations & the inspiring counter demonstrations, the hotline became the target of the alt-right & fascists across the country. The number was broadcast through message boards, & a barrage of hateful calls came through our lines. For this reason, we've implemented security measures to ensure that this vital community resource can still serve the movement. Please read below to learn about the changes we're putting into place!

  1. The (415) 285-1011 is remaining as the number to call from jails across the Bay Area. However, starting Sept 23, that number will ONLY be able to receive calls from jails. All other numbers will be blocked. This ensures that even if fascists attempt to sabotage our lines, we know we can always get calls from arrested comrades. TO BE CLEAR, this is still the number to memorize and write on your body in permanent ink. It is the number to call when you are arrested at a demonstration and in need of legal support.

  2. We will announce a new number that can be used by supporters calling to check on loved ones & comrades in custody in October 2017. Please look out for the announcement! The (415) 285-1011 number will no longer be used for this purpose. For now, in lieu of a phone line we have set up this temporary email: Please leave your number and information indicating you are not a fascist troll. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

  3. In the meantime, we will not have a number available for calls from loved ones and comrades. (415) 285-1011 will only be able to receive calls from jail. If during this time, you witness an arrest at a demonstration, or know the name and date of birth of someone who was arrested, please find a legal observer (they wear the green hats that read "National Lawyers Guild") and report that information to them.

All these changes take money. The NLG is a volunteer run operation and we have no major donors. None of the attorneys or legal workers giving direct support to demonstrators are paid. Please support this work, which supports our struggles in the streets!

In Struggle, The NLGSF Demo Committee