State of the Union Watching Party

January 28, 2014

As local organizing against mass blanket surveillance heats up, the Bay Area's Shame on Feinstein coalition is gathering to watch President Obama's State of the Union address for signs that Washington is finally starting to take the crisis seriously.

What: Anti-Surveillance Coalition State of the Union Watching Party
Where: The Veterans Media Center 1720 Market Street San Francisco, CA
When: January 28th from 5:30 to 9:30pm

The Shame on Feinstein Coalition includes The Bill of Rights Defense Committee, The National Lawyers Guild-San Francisco, Code Pink, Media Alliance, Restore The Fourth Bay Area and the 99% Coalition. Coalition member Art Persyko says if he could say one thing to CA's senior senator, it would be “The state of the union is NOT good if our civil liberties are under attack. Tell Senator Feinstein to respect the 4th amendment of the US Constitution; stop spying on us, abandon the cheer-leading for NSA unconstitutional mass surveillance, and support the USA Freedom Act!”

The coalition authored an open letter to Senator Feinstein asking her to withdraw the FISA Improvements Act, legislation that retroactively legalizes bulk data collection and heads off more substantive reforms proposed by Patriot Act co-author Jim Sensenbrenner and Vermont senator Patrick Leahy in the USA Freedom Act. The letter also asks Senator Feinstein to resign her position chairing the Senate Intelligence Committee where she has failed to oversee surveillance activities that violated the 4th amendment.

The gathering will feature refreshments, an update on local organizing against surveillance, and a spirited game of the State Of The Union Bingo, where participants will compete with boards constructed of phrases commonly used in state of the union address.