Mass Defense and Criminal Law 101

April 19, 2014

4 pm at the Sudo Room located at 2141 Broadway in Oakland; look for the entrance on 22nd Street. Two hours of CLE credit provided.

Please join us for a Panel on taking your first political criminal case. This workshop is geared toward anyone who is either new to Criminal Law or new to the NLG.

Panelists include Kamran Meyer, Autumn Belnap, Kate Raven,and Kate Hallinan. They will discuss how the legal support team and the NLG interact with attorneys who take protest cases and will guide new volunteers in how to interact with the arrestee's supporters.

We will also present the basics of how to do an arraignment and give insight into the procedural steps in a criminal case. Panelists will share the details of the ins and outs of the San Francisco and Oakland courthouses. Take home materials and cheat sheets will be provided, along with snacks.

This training will help anyone who is either new to Criminal Law or new to the NLG feel more comfortable stepping up to take their first case or sign up for mentorship.