Lawyering for the People: In Defense of Housing

March 26, 2014

Lawyering for the People: In Defense of Housing
Wednesday, March 26, Noon to 1 pm, Room 2202

Please join the Golden Gate Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and our esteemed panel to discuss the tools our legal system grants attorneys who defend the rights of those exploited by predatory banking. Panelists include:
Kevin Stein, Associate Director of the California Reinvestment Coalition
Mr. Stein fights predatory mortgage lending and foreclosure through negotiation with banks, regulatory and legislative advocacy, public education, support for local initiatives, and action research.
Heather Freinkel, Legal Director of Land Action
Ms. Freinkel assists environmental and social justice organizers establishing and defending occupations used for housing and advocacy projects by reclaiming otherwise wasted resources.
Steve Gluckstern, Chairman of the Mortgage Resolution Partners
Mr. Gluckstern is working alongside the City of Richmond to implement an eminent domain plan which will spell relief for residents of the city with underwater mortgages.