Free Speech Movement - 50 Years Later @ UC Berkeley: Student Activism and Peer Advocacy

November 18, 2014

Tue, Nov 18, 4 pm
Boalt Hall School of Law, Booth Auditorium

Join a lively panel discussion about contemporary, unconventionaland “uncivil” campus protest, freedom of expression and the often onerous disciplinary apparatus: Occupy Cal. Privatizing UC. Protests against John Yoo. Israel & Palestine on Campus. And more.

Carmen Comsti & Neil Satterlund, Attorneys/UCB Campus Rights Project Alumni
Dan Siegel, Civil Rights Attorney/former UCB Student Leader
Josh Wolf, Freelance Journalist/former UCB Student Conduct “Defendant”
Terry Gross, Civil Liberties Attorney/Counsel for Photographer Arrested at UCB
Yaman Salahi, Civil Rights Attorney/UCB Alum
Steve Rosenbaum, UCB Law Lecturer/Attorney/Faculty Advisor
Brian Barsky, UCB Professor, Computer Science & Vision Science

National Lawyers Guild*
Graduate Assembly
ASUC Student Advocate's Office
UC Berkeley Faculty Ass'n
Law & Society Graduate Ass'n
Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice*
American Constitution Society*
Human Rights Committee*
Restorative Justice Committee*
Students for Economic & Environmental Justice*
Data & Democracy Initiative-Center for Info. Technology Research in the Interest of Society
Berkeley Center for New Media
Townsend Center for the Humanities