Bay Area Military Law Panel Program on Trauma Healing

April 15, 2015

The next Bay Area Military Law Panel meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 15th at 7:00 p.m. at 3050 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, near Ashby BART station. We have an outstanding program scheduled:

Innovative Approaches to Trauma Healing Through Yoga and Mindfulness for Incarcerated Veterans
Includes 1 hour California MCLE credit.

Presented by James Fox

James Fox is the founder and director of the Prison Yoga Project, an organization dedicated to establishing yoga and mindfulness programs in prisons and rehabilitation centers worldwide. Since 2002, he has been teaching yoga and meditation to prisoners at San Quentin Prison as well as other California State prisons. He has developed a special program for incarcerated military veterans using innovative approaches to address various mental health issues related to trauma including P.T.S.D.He has broad and extensive training in various yoga and meditation disciplines and is specially trained in applying yoga practices for addiction recovery and trauma related issues.

Upon receiving his teaching credentials in 2000, he began his mission of exposing at-risk populations including the incarcerated to the psychologically therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation. James has also worked with a leading restorative justice agency involved in prisoner rehabilitation. He has several years of experience as a facilitator of victim/offender education, violence prevention and emotional literacy classes for prisoners.

After the program, there will be a discussion of active cases and issues. New members are welcome.