Tell State Bar: Torture Lawyers Should Not Be Practicing Law in California

William Haynes was attorney for Donald Rumsfeld and the Department of Defense (DoD). His legal work is directly linked to the torture abuses that occurred at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. He is now certified to practice law in California, and is working for the Chevron Corporation. You can tell the state bar of California that they should take immediate action against Mr. Haynes.

While working for the DoD Haynes wrote a "grossly inadequate" memo recommending that Rumsfeld approve so-called enhanced interrogation techniques − also known as torture techniques.

The National Lawyers Guild filed a Complaint against Haynes with the California State Bar, seeking to revoke his in-house-counsel status. The State Bar closed the complaint without prejudice; we are presently working on a request for review.

However, we all have been negatively affected by the legal work of the torture lawyers and we all have reason to urge action. We are calling on concerned residents of the United States to file this complaint (pdf) with the California State Bar. This Citizen Complaint demands that the State Bar at least investigate Haynes, and provide a written decision on his moral character.

We believe that torture is wrong. If you believe the same thing, then please fill out this form and mail it back to:

National Lawyers Guild
558 Capp St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

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