Protest Immigration Proposal

June 1, 2007

As you've probably heard, the US Senate is currently debating an immigration proposal that would be devastating to immigrant communities. Among other things, it would require families to separate in order to apply for residency, it would fail to provide legalization to the vast majority of undocumented folks, it further criminalizes immigrants, creates a new Bracero Program, and would further militarize the US/Mexico border. No bill is better than this bill!

Friday, June 1, 11-1, Press Conference and Direct Action at Sen. Feinstein's Office, 1 Post St. (At Montgomery BART)

Saturday, June 2, 7-10 am, Rally and vigil at Sen. Feinstein's house, 30 Presidio Terrace (@ Lyon and Washington)

We particularly need legal observers for both of these events.