Prison Law Symposium at UC Davis Sunday

March 16, 2008

The Opening Address will be given by Craig W. Haney, at 8:50am, a professor at UC Santa Cruz and a leading researcher in the field of psychology and the effects of incarceration on psychology, as well as the psychology of communities regarding criminals and justice.

The panels are as follows:

Panel 1 [9:30am-10:30] (Health issues)
-Carter White (supervising attorney at the UC Davis civil rights clinic)
-Cynthia Chandler (Justice Now Co-director)
-Steve Fama (attorney at the Prison Law Office who worked on the Plata v. Davis case, the largest ever prison class action lawsuit, settled in 2002)

Panel 2 [11:00am-12:00] (Race, sex, capital punishment)
-Ron Tabak (Skadden, Arps)
-Natasha Minsker (Death Penalty Policy Director of the Northern CA ACLU)
-Floyd Feeney (Professor at UC Davis)

Panel 3 [1:00pm-2:00] (re-entry and recidivism)
-Kimberly Wong (Public Defender in LA, currently working on two projects expanding prison alternatives for women charged with felonies)
-Edith Guillen-Nunez (CA Endowment Post-Release Wellness Project)
-Elder Freeman (All of Us or None)
-Representative from Delancey Street Foundation (the country's leading residential self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts and homeless)

Panel 4 [2:30pm-3:30] (advocacy)
-Russ Turner (crime prevention specialist)
-Claude Marks (Freedom Archives- a project directed towards compiling over 8000 hours of social justice movements since the 1960�s)
-Vanessa Nelson (the State Family Council)
-Paul Wright (former prisoner and Editor of Prison Legal News)

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