NLGSF Opposes Senate "Compromise" on Immigration

This week the Senate is debating immigration legislation that would create enormous and expensive barriers to legalization, create a new program of indentured servitude for big business, further degrade due process rights for immigrants, increase militarization of our borders, and largely accept the terms of the debate set by organizations like the racist Minutemen and right-wing cable news and radio show hosts.

In California let Senators Dainne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer know that no legislation is better than this awful legislation.

We want immigration reform that does the following:

  • Keeps families together and does not eliminate the family based system for a point system crafted for big business.

  • Includes legalization that can happen within a reasonable timeline without arbitrary triggers and without forcing families to wait in limbo.

  • Invests more in addressing the family visa backlog rather than throwing money away at border enforcement.

  • Includes stronger due process rights for immigrants.

  • Does not create a guest worker program that would create an underclass of workers in the US.

Senator Dianne Feinstein

In Washington DC
phone 202-224-3841
fax 202-228-3954

In San Francisco
phone 415-393-0707
fax 415-393-0710

Senator Barbara Boxer

In Washington DC
phone 202-224-3553

In San Francisco
phone 415-403-0100
fax 415-956-6701

Be clear: We do not want anything that resembles this current bill to pass the Senate. It seeks to dismantle the cornerstone of our immigration system – family unity; seeks to create a permanent underclass of immigrant workers without an opportunity for legal permanent residence; places undocumented immigrants in "conditional status" for as long as 13 years for some individuals; continues to criminalize immigrants and use immigration as a national security issue.

The National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area chapter is a member of the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition. Check their website at for the latest information.