Labor & Employment Committee

The Labor & Employment Committee serves as a liaison between the Guild, organized labor and various labor and employment legal groups. We collaborate with the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee [LCC], the National Employment Law Association [NELA], and other professional associations on the national and local level. The national committee sponsors an event at the AFL-CIO LCC each spring, programs at the annual NLG Convention, publishes a bi-annual newsletter which coincides with those two events, and promotes local committees who work with their local labor movement contacts and on labor and employment law issues.

Membership: L&EC members' areas of practice or concentrations include, among other things: Economic Rights (including unemployment insurance), Employment Law (including sexual harassment, age discrimination, wage and hour, etc.), Labor Law (we work in many sectors of the progressive labor movement), and Injured Worker Law (including occupational safety & health law, workers compensation, third party lawsuits for injured workers, disability rights & social security). We have members who do tort cases involving personal injury and wrongful death as well as class actions related to workers and who represent workers and communities concerned with toxics in the workplace and community. If you practice in any of these areas, please consider joining our committee.

Our national activities have included supporting labor anti-war activities; supporting the labor movement's electoral efforts, including recruiting attorneys to assure fair elections and helping to draft the AFL-CIO LCC's election law manual; supporting the labor movement's efforts to defend workers engaged in mass actions, including helping to draft a mass defense manual and conduct training for AFL-CIO LCC attorneys. We co-wrote an Immigration manual for labor and employment attorneys (this is designed to assist our attorneys understand the immigration issues that attend their labor and employment work). The manual is available for a donation of $25. We are beginning a new project involving strengthening the ties between labor and worker centers throughout the country. We support labor struggles to unionize workers and have been involved in helping graduate students to unionize, among other campaigns.

We focus locally on issues that members define as relevant. Over the years we have done much to support women in the trades, farm workers, those campaigning for a living wage, fighting sweatshops, struggling to achieve healthcare for all. We have been supportive of various union organizing campaigns involved local unions.

Nationally, we are also involved with international labor issues. We co-sponsor an annual labor and employment educational seminar in Cuba. We support the work of the International Commission for Labour Rights (ICLR) and participate in delegations to monitor labor issues in other countries. We support the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and participate in conferences and other activities. We support other efforts to strengthen ties with progressive labor and employment attorneys throughout the world.

We also work closely with and support the Guild's Sugar Law Center and others to improve conditions in poor and working communities.

Dues: Annual dues are $25 for attorneys and $15 for law students, legal workers, union members, and other friends. This is a national membership fee - there is no separate local membership fee. Make your check payable to the NLG L&EC. Send it to Fran Schreiberg c/o Kazan et al., 171 - 12th Street 3rd floor, Oakland, CA 94607.

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