NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD – SF Bay Area Chapter DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 15, 2017 Please send resume and cover letter to

POSITION SUMMARY: National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Chapter (NLGSF) is the largest chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, with over 700 members, and seeks a full time Executive Director (ED) to lead our work with great vision, dedication and leadership in these tumultuous political times. The ED will be responsible for working collaboratively with the board and membership to provide the organization with direction and a clear sense of mission and values. This will require the ED to practice broad discretion and judgment in working collaboratively with the board, committees and membership to define the organization’s goals and strategies, ensure the administrative, fiscal and programmatic health and effectiveness of the organization, assist the organization to raise the funds needed to operate effectively, manage the organization’s resources soundly and efficiently, and maintain the organization’s overall public image, reputation and key relationships. Salary commensurate with experience.

Finance and Fundraising: Attend mandatory monthly meetings of the Chapter’s finance committee and board of directors. Develop an annual budget for review and approval by the board. Ensure and prepare timely and accurate financial reports for the board, finance committee, and as required by funders. Administer accounts, financial records, and contracts on behalf of the Chapter Manage and facilitate Chapter’s fundraising plan including fundraising events, sustainer program, legacy bequests, applying for and managing grants, and other fundraising programs.

Planning, Development and Programmatic Work: Facilitate and lead organizational planning and development, including strategic and operational planning, in conjunction with the board. Foster the growth and development of Chapter work and ensure that the work of staff, Guild volunteers and interns are consistent with the goals, mission, political resolutions and programmatic priorities of the Guild.

Communication Between Staff, Membership, Committees and Elected Leadership: Ensure effective communication and collaboration among staff, board, membership and Chapter committees. Participate in board development, including recruitment and training of new Board members.

Political and Organizational Leadership: Function as the chapter’s and the national organization’s local representative or “face”, in coordination with the elected officers and other members.

Exercise broad discretion and judgment in working with other progressive organizations. This includes liaising with other organizations’ staff, and engaging in joint programmatic work with allied organizations. Speak at NLG and non-NLG events, demonstrations, etc.

Communication of Guild Work, Activities, Internally:
Effectively communicate Guild work and activities to our membership through multi-modalities including regular membership meetings, website, newsletter, social media and other media opportunities.

Legal Work: Recruit Guild members to participate in and support progressive legal work, including amici participation in cases and litigation. Work with staff to coordinate requests for legal support for demonstrations and from persons targeted in government investigations, legal observer dispatch, attorney recruitment and case calendar, in conjunction with the demonstrations and immigration committees. Work directly with legal observers and hotline workers.

Committee Support, Membership Recruitment and Chapter Growth: Provide support and leadership for programmatic committees, including the demonstrations committee, the immigration committee, the police and prisons committee, labor and employment committee, military law panel, and support chapter members in creating new committees.

Develop programs and strategies to expand and grow membership and programmatic work.

Policy and Legislative Work:
Recommend and lead NLG local and national policy and legislative work in conjunction with relevant chapter committees and community coalitions.

Speak on behalf of the Guild at hearings of local government bodies, hearings on prospective legislation/regulations, and/or political appointees, that effect areas of NLG programmatic work or interest.

Union Relations: Work with elected officers and designated personnel committee of the board to ensure that personnel management and policies are consistent with the union contract. Keep proper wages and payroll records, leave benefits and dates for all staff to ensure the proper and timely payment of hourly wages required by the Union Agreement and/or compliance with applicable federal or state labor and employment laws.

Commitment to Inclusivity & Diversity:
Ensure the Guild’s policies, practices and programmatic work, as well as the recruitment of Board members and the activities of staff, volunteers and committees, are performed in a manner consistent with the Guild’s commitment to diversity including racial, ethnic, economic, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disability.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Experience working in a grassroots, membership-based organization. Knowledge of issues related to a progressive political and legal agenda, including support for civil liberties, opposition to government repression, workers’ rights, and social, racial, economic and gender justice. Excellent writing and public speaking skills with diverse audiences and with the media. Ability to connect and communicate with cross-functional communities, including legal, activist, and policy. Strong relationships with diverse communities and colleagues. Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively, exercise great patience, multi-task, set priorities and meet required deadlines. Self-motivated, resourceful, and creative at problem-solving. Spanish and/or Arabic language a plus.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Undergraduate degree is required. California bar passage or significant other legal experience preferred but will consider person with other extraordinary strengths. 3-5 years of experience working in nonprofit sector as an executive director or program director. History of activism in sectors relevant to the work of NLGSF.

The position involves supervising and directing the work of (at least) one other staff position, a position covered by an existing national labor agreement between the NLG nationally and the United Auto Workers, Local 2320. As of this date, this position requires the performance of the listed and other managerial duties as their primary work for the chapter, and is therefore considered a “managerial” position, excluded or exempt from the coverage of the NLG’s national agreement with the Union. But the inclusion or not of the position in the current staff bargaining unit is subject to possible change in the current contract negotiations and the position may end up being covered by the existing, or possibly a new union contract, in either case potentially requiring union membership and the payment of union dues to the UAW 2320.

More information about the payment of union dues and the Union contract is available upon request.

Law 4 the People

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer term. Please apply for Fall or Winter terms only.

The National Lawyers Guild Bay Area Chapter (NLGSF) seeks an enthusiastic and administratively competent intern. The individual will gain access to the Bay Area progressive legal community and knowledge of challenges and attacks on human rights throughout the country. Includes working on issues such as demonstrations law (defending protesters), human rights, immigrant rights, anti-racism and queer/transgender rights. Also involves engaging with members of the NLGSF at events in various parts of the Bay Area.

The internship is a semester long, during which time the intern will assist office staff with general administrative duties and be assigned individual projects to complete during the semester. Must be computer literate, comfortable working in a hectic environment, have a good phone demeanor and a passion for social justice.

Send cover letter and resume to adrianainternnlgsf(at) with subject line Law 4 The People Internship.

PAN Administrative Intern / Law Clerk Position

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

About PAN

The Prisoner Advocacy Network is a volunteer network of California activists, family members, formerly incarcerated people, legal workers, law students, and attorneys. Our focus is narrow and specific – supporting people in California’s solitary confinement and similar conditions of isolation such as security housing units (SHUs), administrative segregation, and gender-based segregation. We prioritize advocating for jailhouse lawyers and those engaged in political activity. We provide non-litigation advocacy for incarcerated people experiencing discrimination, retaliation, and rights violations. We gather evidence documenting conditions and trends of treatment in the exceptionally repressive prison environments of solitary and other forms of segregation.

Internship / Law Clerk Commitment

We are seeking an administrative intern to volunteer at the National Lawyers Guild Office 558 Capp Street, San Francisco, from _____. The intern would be able to set your own schedule, ideally overlapping at least one day a week with the PAN Coordinator. This is an unpaid position.

Additionally, you would be required to attend two monthly meetings. One is the 2nd Wednesday of the Month 6:30-8pm (rotating between Oakland and SF), the other is 4th Wednesday of the Month 6:30-8pm in San Francisco.

The total obligation of hours would not exceed 20 hours per week.

Required Tasks

  • Check emails, forward to appropriate person or respond if possible
  • Sort and scan mail, notify advocate and mentor of client mail on Trello
  • Send mail to incarcerated clients
  • Maintain paper legal case files
  • Maintain electronic files
  • Assign tasks and manage project and task completion using Trello
  • Track mailing expenses
  • Support work on grant applications and other fundraising
  • Support outreach efforts for PAN advocates and volunteers
  • Prepare for monthly PAN Administrative meetings with updates, ideas, and questions
  • Prepare for monthly PAN Mentor meetings with updates on advocate and mentor activity on each case
  • Communicate weekly on PAN listserv about Admin schedule and upcoming PAN events/meetings
  • Seek input from people in prison

Optional Tasks

  • Legal research and writing
  • Developing trainings and resources
  • Retreat planning
  • Tabling for PAN at events and conferences


Strong technology skills. Experience with remote email and electronic communication. Strong organizational skills, and attention to detail. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Knowledge of issues related to a progressive political agenda, including: support for civil liberties, workers' rights, social justice; opposition to government repression, racism, homophobia and sexism. Self-motivated, able to implement and complete projects in a timely manner. Able to manage multiple priorities; flexible, comfortable in open office environment with many projects and activities. Able to adapt to a flexible schedule, including some evenings and weekends.


Experience working with incarcerated people. Experience working with individuals in the legal profession and in legal offices. Experience working in a grassroots, membership organization. Layout and design skills. Experience with constituent relationship management tools, including databases.

Details for Applicants

Position open immediately. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please send resume and cover letter to

We are willing to work with you to obtain school credit or to apply for funding at sources you identify. This is currently an unpaid position.

NLGSF is an affirmative action employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, disability or sexual orientation. Formerly incarcerated people, women, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.