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Over the years, members of our community have come together during difficult times to keep the progressive arm of the law strong. Our members provide leadership and support through our committees and projects, and coalition work to defend civil and human rights, challenge racism, and work towards a truly democratic society. Our members organizing events, and sharing strategies with our allies in . It is our hope to continue transforming the legal profession into something more interactive, more rewarding and more efficient.

Law Student Organizing

I was a law student at Berkeley Law from 2007 to 2010, and a member of the National Lawyers Guild chapter at my school for the duration of my enrollment. After my first year, I became involved with the Progressive Lawyering Day committee at the behest of the Law Student Organizer, Tina Valkanoff. Tina was actively engaged in coordinating the PLD planning process, organizing the meetings, making sure we stuck to the right schedule, and generally bringing with her a wealth of institutional knowledge on planning this recurring event. In the end, the event was a success, undoubtedly due to Tina's guidance throughout the process.

As a law student, I also served on the mentorship committee and as co-chair of the Berkeley Law chapter. Tina's support was invaluable in both of these instances, providing a needed institutional link between the established regional chapter and the numerous amorphous, volatile student chapters, whose membership could change completely from year to year.

I was dismayed to learn in 2009 that the NLG could no longer afford to maintain a Law Student Organizer. While the Berkeley Law chapter continued to grow and exist independently of the regional chapter, it lost a part of the regional solidarity that it previously shared with other law schools.

Darin Ranahan

Demonstration Support

I can't thank the NLG enough for the sense of confidence we get from the presence of Demonstration Committee attorneys at actions, rallies, and demonstrations, and for their tireless work with us keeping free speech alive. Viva NLG!

Buff Whitman-Bradley

I cannot count the number of times i have received legally and politically superb representation from Guild attorneys working through the demonstrations committee.

Roger Stoll

I travel around the world to help make this world a place of justice and peace, and wherever I go, when I see folks in their little green NLG caps, I feel like my rights are going to be protected. It helps me bring all of the courage, passion, and freedom within me to the work of creating a better world.

Rebecca Sang

Chapter Newsletters

David Borgen recruited me to the NLG as a IL at Hastings. For over a decade, as a new lawyer and a new father, my only connection to the chapter was the printed newsletter that arrived in our living room. It would not go away; it could not be deleted; I would finally read it, and was impressed by the NLG and its work. It kept me identified with the NLG until I had the time to become active again. I wish we had the funds and a budget which allowed for more printed copies of the newsletter. It might keep more folks connected with our chapter.

Matthew Rinaldi, Hastings '83

Military Law and the Right to Dissent

The National Lawyers Guild helped to coordinate legal, financial, and media matters concerning my public stance as a conscientious objector and Marine. Their support of social justice causes, and political organization work is essential in the fight for first amendments rights and civil liberties.

Stephen Funk, Iraq War Resister