The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has a number of active committees working in a variety of fields on the social justice front. If you are interested in any of the following issues, we encourage you to get in touch with the Committee's contact person.

For NLG committees organized largely at the national level, please see the committees list on the national site.

Anti-Racism Committee

Vision Purpose Statement: "The Anti-Racism Committee (ARC) of the National Lawyers Guild promotes understanding among white Guild members about the centrality of anti-racism to social justice lawyering. Towards this goal, ARC works to support The United People of Color Caucus (TUPOCC) of the National Lawyers Guild and to implement The TUPOCC Alabama Manifesto principles of racial justice.

Demonstrations Committee

The Demonstrations Committee won the Bay Guardian award in 1998 for "Best Folks to Call if you're Arrested for Civil Disobedience Award." We provide legal support and trainings to progressive groups organizing demonstrations or direct actions; offer legal observer trainings to law students, lawyers and activists; work to respond to police misconduct and protect the right to dissent.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the Chapter's financial state of affairs, including the budget and fundraising efforts. Related committees include the Sustainer Committee and Testimonial Dinner Committee. New membership is welcome. To join the Finance Committee contact us at .

Immigration Committee

The Immigration Committee supports the rights of immigrants throughout the Bay Area. We oppose efforts to detain and deport people based on their immigration status. These efforts increasingly mimic criminal enforcement and punishment, yet individuals in immigration proceedings are not afforded all the rights of criminal defendants. We work to improve the laws affecting immigrants and to inform the public about the rights all of us, including immigrants, retain.

Labor & Employment Committee

The Labor & Employment Committee serves as a liaison between the Guild, organized labor and various labor and employment legal groups. We collaborate with the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee [LCC], the National Employment Law Association [NELA], and other professional associations on the national and local level.

NextGen Committee (formerly known as the Mentorship Committee)

The chapter’s NextGen Committee seeks to serve as a catalyst for active communication between law school chapters, recent graduates, long-time Guild members and the various Board committees. Through regular meetings and occasional sponsored events, including the annual Mentorship Cocktail Party, the goal of the Committee is to grow the Guild by building lasting, inspiring relationships between Bay Area NLG members. The Committee will provide opportunities for NLG members to share ideas, solicit advice, find a mentor or mentee and explore opportunities for partnership in local projects.

Prisoner Advocacy Network

The Prison Advocacy Network (PAN) is a volunteer network of activists, attorneys, legal workers, and law students. We began our efforts in 2013 in response to needs identified by hunger strikers and their loved ones. We officially launched in November 2015 and have been steadily increasing our services. We are supervised by attorneys and thus operate under attorney-client privilege and can use legal mail. PAN is an advocacy network, not a litigation team.

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